Silvia, a pure love for gluten free kitchen

Silvia, 36 years old. Italian. Definitively in love with cooking. Gluten intolerant since she was a little girl. She considers herself as a pioneer of the gluten free kitchen, in testing and learning how to make delicious dishes gluten free.

Years ago in Italy was very difficult to find a very good meal or fresh bread so she learned how to do everything at home. Gluten free and free from limits!

Mother of two little girls she spends her time to do mum first and foodblogger in second time.  This passion must be shared with people who has the same problem, and this blog was born to help in preparing good dishes and all things a gluten intolerant may desire! Pizza, bread, any kind of cake!

No more say NO! at good food because everyone can realize it at home! Silvia will help you and she’ll be ready to answer to all of your question! Don’t hesitate to contact her!

Try all recipes and share your pictures with us tagging your pics on Instagram with #silviaglutenfree!

Thank to all of you, old and new friends.

With love. Silvia

2 thoughts on “Silvia, a pure love for gluten free kitchen

  1. I am Gluten free and I have a love of cooking and especially. baking .I live in Canada and work in the local grocery store and at the seniors home.I have a lovely husband and enjoy trying new recipes.I love animals and have 2 horses and love to ride them.

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