Halibut on crispy vegetables 

Fish is very good, but how to cook in different ways? This is a problem that I face often. Great baked, baked in salt, cooked with steam, nice in Fishes’s soup.
To change a little I changed the fish!
I had halibut only once, long ago, so I tried again.
It’s a very delicate fish, it has a very delicate taste and its meat is very tender, not fleshy and muscular as those of sea bass to speak.
It ‘a fish caught, I do not think is bred so if you also do not have the pleasure of eating farmed fish does this for you.

Very tender, it tends to break during cooking so if you want to keep an entire piece you’ll have to be very careful. When I looked at Hell’s Kitchen was always among the most popular dishes, you’ve never seen? I mean the American series with Gordon Ramsay.
The cooking halibut was always a problem for competitors. It is not complicated honestly, just touch it to feel it’s pretty hard when baked.
But now I wonder how they could serve him whole, but they were probably quite small slices.
In any case, trust me, it is very good, gentle, a prized fish but not expensive.
My version is very simple, I just gave a longer cooking crispy vegetables.

Ingredients for two

1 halibut fillet
100 grams of fresh green beans
1 red tomato
3 potatoes
1 tablespoon of butter
oil Extra virgin olive oil
fresh thyme

for Green sauce
1 handful of basil leaves
1 handful of parsley
1 tablespoon of salted capers
leaves of rocket
EVO oil


Wash and clean the beans by removing the top and bottom. Boil the water and plunge for about 8 minutes, you will need to drain them when they are cooked but still crunchy. Leave them aside
if you want to optimize, remove them with a wire net and dipped in boiling new potatoes washed.
Once cooked, drain the potatoes and let them rest.
Prepare the green sauce, wash the leaves of herbs and arugula, desalted the capers and blend everything with hand blender, adding oil and a pinch of salt. The proportions of the leaves vary according to taste.
Take halibut fillet and cut two pieces, salt it lightly on both sides; heat a skillet and put a knob of butter to melt a tablespoon of oil, put the sprig of lemon thyme, excellent with fish, then laid gently portions of halibut.
Raise the heat to medium and cook for about 4 minutes side.
Separately, in a pan, heat a little olive oil and put the beans to cook for about 1 minute, they will be warm and crispy. Fry and put in a bowl.
Cut the potatoes into 4 wedges or halves depending on their size, then brown them in the pan on removing the beans, if you add a little oil, make a nice golden crust.
Slice a tomato and salt it.

To serve, place the beans in a flat bottom, some crispy potato, sliced ​​tomatoes and then lying as gently as possible the halibut fillet.
Season with green sauce and serve.

Enjoy your meal

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