Cookies with dark chocolate and cornflakes

CookiesHello everyone!!! I Finally  have a little bit of time to write and I could not wait to let you try these delicious cookies! I had them under the eyes for years but had not tried it yet, then the desire to do something different from the usual shortbread … and yes! They fell into the trap without return of American cookies! And what about … I’ve already tried a few variations but it will reach galore, you can count on it !!!
These have seen them from a French girl, does beautiful things, called Madame Juju, find it on instagram. I love it! It is not a blog but cmq makes delicious things!
The cookies in question provide oats but since it is not a corn gluten-free I decided to replace it with the cornflakes! Result? I’ve redone the next day because they’re gone. Evaporated !!!!
It ‘s time that you try them and make me know !!
If you do not follow me instagram and try again “and yet there is no gluten” and if you want to share with me your shots and tag them #eppurnonce (that’s my italian website)
They are fast to make and can not pick wrong.
Makes about 20 cookies
150 g butter
80 grams brown sugar
80 grams of sugar
250 grams of gluten free flour
100 grams of dark chocolate, coarsely chopped
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 egg
75 grams of cornflakes (gluten free)
Put in the planetary bowl the butter with the sugar and then becoming creamy, otherwise you can soften the butter out of the fridge and then by hand with a wooden spoon, mounted with sugar.
Add egg, vanilla and mix, then add the flour and mix well, finally the cornflakes and chocolate. Stir without breaking the cornflakes, few enough reshuffled.
Store in refrigerator (for half an hour if you see that the mixture is very loose, help you make cookies firmer!) And turn the oven to 180 ° ventilation; as soon as the temperature reaches take the dough, place on cookie sheet with parchment paper and hand picked a little bit of dough, roll into balls and place them on paper, then mash them a bit, will flatten out during cooking.
In 10 minutes they are golden and ready. Remove from the oven and be delicate in transferring them to wire rack to cool.
My advice, if you have only one pan and you have to use it again, before putting more cookies cool it under running water!
Then reinforced and go!
They will be delicious.
I have made with fresh raspberries in the middle! Delicious.
Three or four are ideal as a snack at school! I recommend you use a plastic container otherwise your little finds only crumbs !!!!
bye, see you soon

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