Chickpeas cream with spicy shrimps

Want to do something light, healthy, and above all good? If you buy already cooked chickpeas then I guarantee that it is also a recipe to be done in less than half an hour! And with that make a great impression! Promised … Perfect as a starter on New Year’s Eve!
It takes good ingredients. Better few but good.
The council also those who are not celiac and maybe has a guest who is not certified ingredients are used because they are all ingredients that are naturally gluten-free!
This soup, cream or velvety, call it what you like, has an intense flavor of spices, there are two different cooking to do.
But let’s start step by step.
Soak the chickpeas the night before, then cook in a pressure cooker for about 30 minutes and they are ready. If you are on a last minute, then you can buy boiled chickpeas ready.


( it’s my italian website)

Ingredients for 6

250 grams of boiled chickpeas
1 red pepper
1 red pepper (I put Halapeno, Mexican, very spicy but aromatic)
Chopped red onion
Vegetable broth (about half a liter)
6 red prawns
Paprika, rosemary, salt and extra virgin olive oil.


Wash the peppers and place in oven full, cook on a plate with paper oven for about 20 minutes at 180 degrees. Once cooked sfornatelo and put it in a plastic bag and close it, then you’ll see how easily pelerà!
Take the boiled chickpeas and place in a pan with a little oil, a little chopped onion, rosemary (a sprig be removed before blending, I recommend), elongated with vegetable broth (or water and add half a nut vegetable gluten ). Cook for about 10 minutes.
Take the peppers and remove skin, remove the stem and seeds, then cut into small pieces and add to the chickpeas and cook a few minutes. Add salt. And turn off the cooking water, remove it and keep it aside.
Take the blender and created the cream, add the fresh chilli then adjust the density with the cooking water. At this point you have the cream of chickpea flavored and spicy.
Separately, cleaned shrimp shelled and black thread, then wash, dry and pass the paprika, salt and sauté  for about 3 minutes per side in a pan with a little oil and rosemary.
To serve, place the warm cream with a shrimp, if you want to serve with croutons.
To make a dinner just increase the cream and do about 4/5 shrimp each person!
Happy holidays to all of you.

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