Ricotta Gnocchi with cherry tomatoes, capers and fresh ginger

Health talked about forever, sometimes too much and you end up not listening to any more bell. I see people close their eyes more and more of what we eat, stopping to ask the obvious question: Is healthy what we will eat?  We all know the answer. NO. Unfortunately it is so, do not think that I am pessimistic, indeed, of the spirit are anything but. But I must admit that since I am a mother I feel much more acute to deepen and, without a doubt, my responsibility to my daughters makes me strive to find alternative routes. Drop to less compromise as possible, while trying not to exaggerate because, sometimes, you do not need. We live in an age where the listen fraud food daily, not always the case for luck, but our ears are, unfortunately, almost accustomed to hearing about scams in the world of food. There’s more respect toward food from whoever takes interests. So how come we might be able to eat healthy? Not to mention the environment, so it polluted that it can not create healthy things even in organic farming. Let’s face it. If the air we breathe and the water we drink is contaminated … how you will not be the rest? They will be less likely …
I push to make as much as possible at home, it is true, I have time, but one has to find it. I created and quick recipes to do over the weekend to freeze your products and eat them weekly. It will be difficult to eliminate it from all things that are bad, but we promote a healthy diet, we reduce the consumption of junk food .. and already we will find a benefit!
Today’s recipe could only be made of natural flours. So everybody can try, flour are natural and you’ll find anywhere.


250 g  Ricotta cheese drained
80 grams of grated Parmesan cheese
80 grams of rice flour
80 g of corn flour
1 egg

for the sauce (serves 4)

20 Piccadilly tomatoes (or double qty of datterini)
1 tablespoon capers (salted, leave them to soak in water for 10 mins)
1 clove of garlic
fresh ginger root
salt, extra virgin olive oil


To make the Gnocchi will do very soon since it does not serve any potatoes.
Put in a bowl the ricotta and Parmesan and mash gently with a fork, then add the flour and the egg, then stir gently put on a pastry board and knead, always gently, until dough is smooth. Take the gnocchi and cut small, then pass them in the corn flour to keep them from sticking.
To prepare the sauce in a pan put a little oil, crushed garlic by hand, remove the seed and place it inside to flavor the oil then will be removed.
Toss the chopped tomatoes and saute, add the capers and cook for about 10 minutes, if you see that is too dry, add a little hot water, even the water in the pot of gnocchi that while you put on the fire to bring it in boil.
Plunge the gnocchi in salted boiling water and wait for them to rise to the surface, remove them with a wirenet and pass them to the pan with the sauce hot, saute briefly then serve with grated fresh ginger! (For the uninitiated, is the ginger, peeled and grated only in the outer part).
Enjoy your meal!!! I’ll be waiting on the Facebook page Silvia Glutenfree
(my italian website is eppurnonce.com as you can see on my pictures)
Thank you all very much

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