Buckweat with Artichokes and green turnips


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That’s why I used this ingredient.

Let’s start talking about buckwheat. What is it? It’s not really a cereal but almost. It’s an herbaceous plant that produces triangular seeds, from so many properties that many of us even imagine! We should consume more! And I bet you do after reading this information.

Source: Wikipedia
Buckwheat contains a glucoside called rutin , a compound phytochemical that tones the walls of capillaries , reducing the risk of bleeding in people with high blood pressure and improving microcirculation in people with chronic venous insufficiency . [17] The leaves of buckwheat from dried use infusion are marketed in Europe under the brand “Fagorutin.”
Buckwheat contains chiro- D- inositol , a component of the system of secondary messengers for the signal transduction of ‘ insulin that it was found to be lacking in diabetes type II and polycystic ovary syndrome (SOPC). Studies are under way on its use in the treatment of type II diabetes. [18] Research on D-chiro-inositol and SOPC have shown promising results. [19] [20]
It was found that a protein in buckwheat binds tightly to cholesterol . Studies are under way on its use for reducing plasma cholesterol in subjects with hyperlipidemia . [21]

After this, how to cook it? How to make it good and appetizing?
It is simple, treat it as if it were common rice. It tastes slightly crunchy but no particular aftertaste, lends itself well as a relish, as a main dish (as I said, I imagine it like rice) and you can use it to make delicious croquettes with vegetables and cheese.
Today I propose this version like risotto, simple, fast, to use only a pan and that’s all! I’m sure you will enjoy it!


Ingredients for 4 people

200 grams of buckwheat
2 fresh artichokes
a bunch of green turnips
1 onion of Tropea
salt and extra virgin olive oil



Clean the artichokes, cut the stems and clean them, then let them into small pieces, remove the outer leaves and cut off the tops and then in half, remove the hair in the middle, make them into thin slices and put them to soak in water and lemon juice.
Wash the turnips, do not go overboard with the amount, cut into thin strips.
Put a pan of water on the stove and bring to a boil. Salt lightly.
Take a pan and put a little oil and the chopped onion and then lightly fry, add the artichokes and salt, then saute for a few minutes, add the broccoli and sauté for a few minutes, then add the buckwheat and cover with hot water that you put to boil. Cook, do not attack such as risotto. If you see that dries, add a little water at a time. It will cook in about 18/20 minutes. So towards the end be careful not to add a lot of water.
Let rest a few minutes and Serve.
I hope you enjoy!!!!

Pictures are taken from my italian website eppurnonce.com

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